Following our 2018 startup, Hoplite will launch an aggressive Capital Funding Campaign in the near future to establish a state of the art residential crisis intervention retreat center. 


Our approach

After procuring enough capital funding, the Hoplite Resilience Center will reside in a rural setting located in Southern New Jersey. The founded location will serve as a corporate home base for the Center's operations nationwide. Projected capital costs to procure the land and permanent buildings will be significant, but necessary to provide a state of the art facility able to sustain operations and meet mission requirements. 

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
— Confucius


We will locate near South Jersey situated on approximately 40-plus acres. The rural campus backdrop is intended to provide space and create a tranquil setting for our client's training and crisis treatment programs. We chose this area because of its proximity to major city centers along the east coast as well as the immediate surrounding farmlands. The large plot of land will be able to support and host varying levels of resilience treatment activities as well as fundraising events. 


Proposed Buildings


  • Grand Hall & adjoining industrial kitchen: Seat 200‐250 people for lectures, the building will also double as the dining facility. The building will serve as the focal point on campus and allow large gatherings for specific events.

  • Classroom building: Two classrooms that can hold 25 people in each class. Classrooms will facilitate training sessions and double as group therapy resilience rooms.

  • The housing facility for retreats: One building that can hold 25 people. Individual rooms will have an adjoining bathroom. Buildings will allow at any one time up to 25 clients to be staying onsite.

  • Support building for facility management: Storage building will house support equipment and tools necessary to provide maintenance to the campus.

  • Corporate Headquarters building: Will provide ten office spaces & conference room.

  • Counseling Building: Will provide ten office spaces that have room for couches and counseling areas. The building will also provide two group rooms that can hold up to 20 people, one conference room, and bathrooms.

  • Gym: Large state of the art gym will facilitate yoga and CrossFit.