A Different Approach

Of the available nonprofit and for-profit programs currently in the industry, none leverage a full continuum of care resilience model that provides the reach-back capability that could drastically improve the lives of, what we like to call, our modern era "Hoplites." None of the organizations we researched, provide a comprehensive, resilience-based continuum of care model that also applies the latest science-based techniques as well as a personal peer-to-peer interaction approach.

Continuum of Care Model

The Center created its continuum of care system after the Johns Hopkins construct of human resilience: Resistance, Resilience, & Recovery. The Hoplite Resilience Center's continuum of care model provides pre-acute, acute, and post-acute care through several advanced resilience-based programs. Our programs practice the two interacting factors of resilience as defined in Psychological Body Armor™ (PBA): 1) preventive resistance (immunity), and 2) reactive resilience (the ability to rebound from adversity).

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and their families who have served, and may continue to serve, this nation through their service in the military, emergency services, and emergency hospital care.



Our pre-acute care services encompass preventative programs and resilience training that focus on building resistance (immunity). The primary goal of our preventative/ pre-acute care is to help strengthen and prepare our military personnel, veterans, first responders, first care receivers, and their family’s ability to endure future mission hardships, prolonged stresses, and unforeseen critical incidents. Hoplite has entered into an initial agreement with Dr. George S. Everly, Jr. to utilize under a license, two educational programs previously developed and field tested by him. This content has been taught nationally and internationally as freestanding workshops, as well as, components within larger educational curricula. The curricula are 1) Psychological Body Armor™ (PBA) and 2) Resilience Leadership. The Hoplite Resilience Center intends to develop additional wholly owned educational offerings in the future.

If our first responders and receivers, service personnel and veterans are better prepared to withstand adversity in future operating scenarios, we will help organizations sustain/improve operational readiness and respond effectively to assigned missions when our nation and local communities call. 


The Hoplite Resilience Center intends to recruit a skilled staff of licensed clinicians dedicated to helping participants enhance resilience so they can get back to what they do best. Contingent on funding, we intend for our acute care program to provide peer to peer coaching and clinical services either in one on one sessions or within small peer groups. Counseling services will happen face to face as well as through secure, real-time video teleconferencing. 


Our post-acute care services cover reactive programs, counseling, and resilience training that focus on speeding recovery. The key goal of our post-acute care is to help our military personnel, veterans, first responders, first care receivers, and their families who are temporarily overwhelmed by a traumatic experience/event, occupational stress, or an endured hardship. To provide post-acute care, the Hoplite Resilience Center intends to establish a residential crisis intervention retreat.